Much of the territory of Montefalcone and Smerillo and partially that of Monte San Martino (essentially that of Monte Falcone), was identified by the Marche Region, implementation of the “Habitats Directive” of the European Community as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) intended to prevent degradation of the natural habitat that distinguishes it (with the consequence that any plan or project likely to affect it should be evaluated).

In this area since 1974 the “Smerillo and Montefalcone forest” protected floral area was established so, there, is forbidden to pick and damage native plants. (See management plan Montefalcone Smerilo-co, the Sibillini Mountain Community of Comunanza).

Within this area you can enjoy from its peaks a circular panorama that goes from the mountains of Ascensione dei Fiori , to the Maiella and Gran Sasso, Laga, Sibillini, Monte San Vicino, Conero and the Adriatic to S. Benedict, and the towns of Montefalcone and Smerillo, both equipped with a CEA (Environmental education center) and some museums maintain and guard the ancient medieval streets access to towns and connecting with the sources (which supplied the towns) or with major roads and trails once used by farmers to go to cultivated funds (long since woody) or for firewood.

The routes, all devoid of difficulty, readily identifiable and often intercrossing (so as to allow deviations and returns different) are shown on the maps of “google earth ” (and summarily in that the IGM) indicating the length, average duration and altitude, and a description of its morphological features as well as of local historical concern to them.

The paths, unless the medieval streets of access to both towns for Smerillo are labeled as “della Fessa for “Durano and “della Sorgente and Montefalcone “della Rupe”) unfold mainly along the south north (+20 ° approximately) of M.Falcone, whose southern end lies Montefalcone and the north Smerillo, and higher and parallel, on the east side to the provincial road linking the two towns (medieval street-Montefalcone Smerillo and “Sentiero della Cresta ) and the “Strada delle Conche” to the west (the path of “Valley of Angels”).

mappa sentieri bosco di Smerillo e Montefalcone Appennino

mappa sentieri bosco di Smerillo e Montefalcone Appennino

Path of the pine wood (to the trigonometric point)
Difficulty: T (tourist) – Length: km: 1.15 (one way) – Time: 30 min. – Vertical drop: 128 meter

The valley of Angels
Difficulty: T – Length: 0.58 km – Duration: 12 min – ascent: 61 meters

Medieval Road to Montefalcone and around the cliff
Difficulty: T – Length: 2.86 km – Duration: h. 1 – ascent: 172 meters

Medieval road Smerillo-Durano
Grade: T – Length: Km.3, 2 (return) – Duration: 1.10 hours – altitude 91 m

Smerillo: the cleft in the cliff
Grade: T – Length: Km 0,72 – Duration: min 15 – Ascent: mt 53

Ancient route Montefalcone Smerillo
Grade: T – Lenght: Km 2,39 – Duration: min 40 – Ascent: mt 72

Sentiero della Cresta
Grade: T – Lenght: Km 1,3 – Duration: min 30 – Ascent: mt 79

Il giro della sorgente a Smerillo
Grade: T – Lenght: Km 1,17 – Duration: min 18 – Ascent: mt 45

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