Escalopes with the superior black truffle

– veal cutlets, the superior black truffle, butter, extra virgin olive oil, dry white wine, salt, flour, vegetable stock
1. Dip the cutlets in flour.
2. Heat oil and butter in a frying pan and brown the floured cutlets.
3. Sprinkle with the wine and continue cooking until it has evaporated.
4. Season the cutlets and arrange them in layers interleaved with grated truffle.
5. Place the layered cutlets in an oven-proof dish.
6. Pour in sufficient stock to just cover the veal.
7. Place in a pre-heated oven until the stock has evaporated.
8. Garnish with freshly sliced truffle and serve.

Happy museum

Montefalcone’s Centre for Environmental Education, housed in the Palazzo Felice, participates in the Marche region’s Happy Museum initiative. This marketing campaign focuses on raising public awareness – both locally and nationally – of what small local museums have to offer. Regardless of visitors to Marche’s age or nationality, they will discover that it is not only the national museums housing great works of art and allied research facilities which contain things to interest them.
Happy Museum official web site